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Vic Firth American Classic Wood Tip- 5BPG

by Rockstar Music Store
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Vic Firth American Classic PureGrit Drum Sticks 5B Wood

Lacquer-free design and abrasive texture because not all sweat glands are created equal.

The Vic Firth PureGrit drum sticks are designed for sweaty drummers to keep a firm grip on their sticks, even in the most humid clubs and hole-in-the-walls.

Vic Firth knows that no two drummers are the same and every player's body chemistry is as unique as their playing style, which means some sweat more than others. In Vic Firth's ongoing efforts to address all drummers’ unique needs, they have created a formula for a stick finish that will help drummers who have especially sweaty mits.

They're lacquer free with a special PureGrit processing that adds an abrasive texture. This will give you a better grip so you can ditch the tapes, waxes, gloves and special grips.

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