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A Portable, Pocket-sized Tuning Solution

The Korg CA-50 packs high-precision tuning into a convenient pocket-sized design. Its predecessor, the CA-40, has been a top-selling chromatic tuner for more than a decade. The CA-50 builds upon that legacy while adding a more readable display, improved battery life, and a mechanism to prevent the tuner from sliding off your music stand. You also get all the great features you've come to expect from Korg, such as a wide detection range, easy calibration, built-in reference tone, pure major/minor third-interval markers, and memory backup. Ideal for orchestral instruments, the CA-50 is an excellent portable tuning solution.

You'll appreciate these exciting new features

You can find Korg's CA-40 chromatic tuner in orchestra rooms worldwide ā€” its wide detection range makes it suitable for nearly every instrument. Musicians have long valued its high-precision LCD needle-type metering and flexible calibration. The CA-50 improves upon its forerunner's design in many ways. Its display features larger note name indicators, making it a breeze to read. A new mechanism prevents the tuner from overturning, making it less likely to slide off your music stand. Beyond that, its battery life has been increased to up to 135 hours. At Sweetwater, we appreciate the CA-50's impressive price-to-performance ratio ā€” you get a lot of tuner for not a lot of money.

Korg CA-50 Chromatic Tuner Features:

  • High-precision LCD needle-type meter for stable tuning
  • Wide detection range provides support for nearly every instrument
  • Adjustable calibration range (410Hzā€“480Hz)
  • Pure major/minor 3rd pitch indication marks
  • Built-in reference tone is ideal for ear training
  • Up to 135 hours of battery life
  • Mechanism to prevent the tuner from sliding off your music stand
  • Auto power-off function and memory backup

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