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 Rockstar Music Store was started by Ryan and Serena Meyer in 2012 in Casper, WY. Ryan was self employed in the flooring industry before the music store was started. After many years of saving capital, they decided to go for it and follow their dreams. Starting the company from the ground up was a journey in itself. The support from family and friends was a big inspiration for them. Serena's brother, Jared (who is an artist) hand drew the store logo. Many friends and family members helped with the remodel. With the support they received, the store was off to a great start. Everything they had worked hard for, for nearly a decade, was being used towards the store in inventory and store front remodel. Low overhead was always running through Ryan's mind from the start. Ryan comes from a very budget minded background. From when he was a kid, his parents always taught him about saving. So, Ryan used his skills towards starting a company as debt free as possible. Serena always had a passion for designing things, whether it was a house remodel to creating simple ads on the computer. With Ryan's hardworking mind set and Serena's creativity they were able to be the perfect team! In the first year the Meyer's set low, medium and high goals that they would try to meet at the end of the first year. In the very first year, the store had nearly doubled their highest goal! In the second year of being open, the store had doubled from the first year. They say it is all because of God, family and their support from local musicians in Casper, WY and surrounding states

"We are here because of the incredible support!" -Ryan Meyer
"It was never about making money for us, we just wanted to live and do what we love. Whether we have a small shop until we get old to a mega chain in the end, we will always be happy doing what we love." -Serena Meyer

138 S. Kimball Casper, WY 82604 USA 307.337.1333

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